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THAILAND Coast to Coast

The route focus on southern Thailand and two coastlines: Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea.


We focus solely on the Southeast Asia

This allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of what is happening on the ground and provide our clients with the best quality adventures. Actually our trike tours portfolio includes routes in Thailand and we are working on new routes in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Our routes are designed to take us off the main roads as much as possible to avoid traffic so we can explore scenic areas.

On our trike tours, cycling activities are at the morning , so the afternoons are for sightseeing local attractions, boat trips, snorkelling or enjoy the beach. Sometimes afternoons we do transfers on roads to avoid heavy traffic.

Apart from recumbent trike trips, we have been arranging unique tailor-made package tours for small groups to Southeast Asia since 2011. For examples of itineraries please visit us:

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Matt Galat “JaYoe!” was participating in our “Coast to Coast” tour in Dec 2019. Matt is cycling around the World from China to USA, riding a recumbent trike and recording unique JaYoe travel adventure videos on his youtube channel.